Selective Amnesia – Why is that the USA and UK not understand why the black, muslim, arab, or Persian are ANGRY?

Brutal attack in London heightens terror fears

Two men with butcher knives hacked another to death on Wednesday near a London military barracks and one then went on video to explain the crime – shouting political statements, gesturing with bloodied hands and waving a meat cleaver.

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” the man declared. “We must fight them as they fight us.”

“He said: ‘I killed him because he killed Muslims and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan. They have nothing to do there,'”

Why is there NEVER a mention of WHY they are angry?

What part of SELECTIVE amnesia does whitey in USA or UK not know that in the past 40+ years, that 10’s of MILLIONS of arab,black,muslim,and persians, … have been MURDERED by the UK/USA gubmint’s for OIL?

What part of this don’t you understand?

I suspect that what you call ‘liberal multiculturalism’ is what I call ‘GUILT’

The problem with the UK is after 200 years of colonialism, is that some of these people are UK citizens, by reciprocity, so they can’t exactly be sent back.

Then of course a young person of color in the USA or UK, has about 1% chance of climbing out of the gutter, on top of that they’re humiliated by the cop’s and soldier’s daily.

At some point things fucking break, … just like that movie “V for Vendetta”, … something breaks and all turns to fucking hell.

But REALLY, and I mean REALLY somebody needs to sit and back why they’re so fucking angry.

Like the Chechen’s in the USA that the cop’s are killing, they’re angry, but the USA always hides the Victims point of VIEW. By victim here I mean those that the FBI is killing.

Certainly now you have a choice in the USA or UK if your angry and you tell a cop, they will kill you. But if you suck-up good and say YES-MASS-AH .. and be a good nigger to the system, they they may not kill you.

Ok, but like they say ‘SPEAK UP’, … you all go ahead and let the system KILL the angry black man, but as you can see now everywhere the cop’s (FBI) are already killing white’s too that are angry, the IRS is targeting angry conservatives ….

I do agree with a POSTER here that in south-Africa this is an everyday occurrence mutilation, … and in actuality its an everyday occurrence in LA, CALIF.

But ONLY when a WHITE dies does the media put it in your face.

The USA has the same problem, post civil war after the slaves were ‘free’ they were never allowed to assimilate for real, … always kept down.

The UK has the same problem, … generation after generation they have NOTHING left to lose.

All is beyond hope for the UK and USA its going to be full civil war, and only survival is to escape. Think ‘sovereign man’.


BENGHAZI: Clash of the Titans – BIG OIL versus AIPAC – Watching the Slow Implosion of TEAM OBAMA & TEAM CLINTON

Osama Bin Laden was always CIA, he was a trained USA engineer, from the same Bin-Laden family that kept the BUSH family in power.

Don’t watch the movie, read the book.

The book ‘charlie wilsons’ war is factual, and real, and you’ll learn something about how&why al-queda ( Bin-Laden ) came to power and became the GOTO man for the CIA.

WRT state-department and CIA. Let’s make this clear. Counter to what you ALL might think.

The state-department has more wet-ops than the CIA. The CIA is intelligence gathering, the state-department, recruits professional killers. When I used to train Hand to Hand back in the day, it was state-department that were the experts on killing, and never the CIA.

So this story is a plant in my mind, … blame everything on Hillary for being stupid.

NOPE, see folks the story never really ended Bin-Laden was always CIA, and Al-queda which means “THE BASE” in Persian, was always the middle-east code for “CIA”.

What happened in Benghazi, is that Hillary’s money, went to Hizzbollah, the enemy of Israel. That forced the HAND of the MOSSAD to demand to the CIA to shutdown Benghazi.

As AIPAC controls the US congress and all that is the USA.

Until I see a story that “connects the dot’s”, that tells how the Hillary money went to Syrian Rebels ( aka al-queda/hizbollah ), then the real story as why Steven’s died cannot be understood.

CIA ain’t christian, the MOSSAD ain’t Jewish.

BIG OIL brought team-hillary to power, CLINTON was an old rockefeller whore back in the day’s of Arkansas, and old man Winthop Rockefeller actually paid for BIll’s ivy-league education, in fact some go as far to speculate that Winthop was the father, as bill’s mother lived in a trailer behind the arkansas white house was then then governor (rockefellers) whore. [ Old man Rockefeller ‘big oil’ had a dozen son’s placed in power all over the USA ]

The point is HILLARY/BILL were put in POWER by big-oil, they’re not part of TEAM AIPAC.

HILLARY & BILL are part of TEAM “KILL FOR OIL”. AIPAC bless their heart is more interested in preserving the state of israel. What I’m trying to say is that AIPAC isn’t in the business of killing per-se, but BIG-OIL got big from killing and it only stay’s big from killing.

In Benghazi, Hillary got caught killing a US congressman. Is this surprising? Hell no.

So what happened in Benghazi was that HILLARY got slapped down for giving money to HEZBOLLAH, and Betreaus was so pissed that the FBI had to take him out.

The real story here is alliance to PRO AIPAC, or PRO BIG OIL,

Us minions are actually watching “battle of the titans’ in real time. Or “clash of tthe titans”, whatever its all in real-time.

Long ago this couldn’t have happened, but now BIG-OIL has met its match, they got a little cocky,… mess with Israel and you go down, no matter how big you are.

This is like watching the TWO biggest MAFIA family’s on the planet fighting over the last scraps to steal from the public.



GOLD Keep it Secret Keep it Safe … The US Government Want’s your GOLD and Know’s YOU Have it … Confiscation Coming to YOU Soon
Start this video at :32 seconds, … to skip, to the story about a kingdom on a mountain, … its song story, about how the USA killed the world for its GOLD/OIL… 😦

Well we’re very close to the USA seizing all the GOLD,

When the new SDR currency goes on line, the country that hold’s the most gold, gets to print the most paper.

Will the USA once again steal all the GOLD from the citizen?? Fuck yes 🙂

Unlike USA in asia there are gold-shops on every corner, not unlike starbuck in usa

When these gold shop’s are low on gold, then you know something is up, in the past month rich women from mainland china went shopping all over asia and bought up the gold, especially in hong-kong, the shopping paradise for the rich. So now the gold is gone, … shop’s without gold.

This put’s big pressure on the market.

On the other hand MOST GOLD is paper, and sadly most folks are dumping that paper.

This is a liquidation of paper gold and paper money.

The USA keeps the publik fixated on JAPAN, but for everywhere else the dollar is losing ground, only compared to japan is the dollar going up, this is because ABE ( bernanke of japan ) is now printing more money than Bernanke, by request of uncle-sam.

Sam ( your uncle ) wants germany to print also, but they have said “FUCK YOU”.

So here is the real story. Keep your GOLD, real gold and BURY it good, as when they come to your house its easy to find, and NEVER tell friends or neighbor, during the 1933 GRAB that’s how they got the GOLD, by giving 10% of the proceeds to the NARC, most people lost their GOLD because they talked to family, friends, or neighbors.

Paper gold of course is trivial for the US government to steal.

In the coming weeks and/or months, expect the USA to find any and all pretext possible to grab the world’s GOLD, and especially NOT send any out of USA border’s.

When the new one world currency SDR comes the BOY with the MOST gold will control the SHOW, that’s why now CHINA, IRAN, SWISS, GERMANY, ITALY are all working hard to hold ground, and the USA wants to be the one with ALL, so the real danger now is the GOLD WAR.

The USA killed MURDERED 10′s of millions of children, women for OIL, never think for a moment that the USA will not kill the world for its GOLD.

Reminds me of that BILLY-JACK song “ONE TIN SOLIDER”, about a village-people that killed all on the mountain, for their gold, but in the song, there was no gold, only a message about PEACE.

The USA is the most evil nation on earth, and once they have robbed and raped the world, they will turn on their own people as you see now.

The only hope for the world is to make the USA a prison, and contain the US publik.
Start this video at :32 seconds, … to skip, to the story about a kingdom on a mountain, … its song story, about how the USA killed the world for its GOLD/OIL… 😦


Mining social media for intel – Local law enforcement now 24/7/365 reading ALL facebook, twitter, …If they’re going to SPY, … then feed them SHIT.

JUST SAY NO TO ‘social media’ … Keep it safe, … keep it simple.


The call it ‘data mining’ ( Machine-Learning ), essentially not much new, what’s new is cheap computers, and lots of  ‘data’, courtesy of YOU, the US citizen, or world citizen. Data mining isn’t new, the algorithm’s have been around 60+ years, what’s new is cheap fast computers, and ton’s of free data about YOU.


‘UNKNOWN’, to most user’s that even in privacy mode, that all their communication is stored, what’s may surprise you even more is the cop’s can now buy online LIVE feed by keyword, for instance “#gun” … or “#party”, … and they can get all location’s, and live feed anybody using such keywords anywhere they are, … this is called PRO-ACTIVE law enforcement, …


But look at this this way, they can also have “#gold”, and somebody foolish enough to say “Hey bro, just bought a few ounces of gold today at the shop,…”, then the cop’s and all law enforcement near you, know that you have a prize for them awaiting in your home or car, … should they search you and find your GOLD, its your word against their’s, … don’t really matter your GOLD is gone.



What are some social media best practices in the area of crime prevention, investigation, and enforcement?


Researchers Review Boston Bombing Social Media Activity

So, how are they doing it?

For starters, there are automated data mining technologies on the market that enable law enforcers to do 24/7/365 monitoring of things like Twitter. You can set up searches to help alert you to crimes taking place in near-real time simply by looking for “hash tags” such as: 

•    #alarm
•    #fight
•    #gunshot

I think its pretty clear that NOBODY should be using any kind of ‘social media’, and if you are using it, … then drive the cop’s nut’s, … just have everybody pass message’s like “Hey we’re having a cocaine party @…(and use the cop or court address, … )”,


Bull shit drives the COP’s nut’s, … so everybody should make a point of feeding the system SHIT, … everytime you go to the toilet you can text and say “I just dumped a BOMB” … “The Shit is at …. (location)”,…

If they’re going to SPY, … then feed them SHIT.

The Gold War Begins – The USA killed 10’s of millions to control OIL; Will they do the same to Control Gold?

Today we’re witnessing a dramatic rise in the Chinese Yuan(CNY).

We’re seeing Hong Kong gold shop’s with no gold to sell,


Nobody want’s Hong Kong dollars ( USA dollars tied ), everybody wants Yuan & Gold.

Now we’re told that Hong Kong wants Swiss GOLD, but they’ll be using USD, makes since as China is setting on $2 trillion.

China will not sell their GOLD for US dollars, and the Swiss don’t want US dollars either.


The USA wants more GOLD, but nobody wants worth less US bernanke paper.


Same problem with OIL, why did the USA invade kill? Iraq, Libya, … everywhere same the governments wanted to sell their OIL in GOLD or Euro’s, anything but US dollars.


Refuse the US petro-dollar and your country and its people DIE, been going on 50 years, the Vietnam War was about SE asian OIL.


The past 40 year wars have been about Mid-east OIL,

But now its all new, the remaining country’s with GOLD, and the USA wants that GOLD, but these country’s don’t want the USD either.
Will the USA bomb Switzerland if it refuses to sell its GOLD to the USA and/or Hong-Kong???


The Africaners have already repatriated their GOLD, if the USA comes to  buy it back and they say no, … will the USA bomb them?


Soon, very soon the USA will have nothing to offer, they have only a small amount of SPR oil, and their paper money is worthless.
Nearing these end times in desperation the US governments only hope is to capture the worlds GOLD, so that they have PRIORITY trading status in the coming New World Order.


My bet is that any country that has GOLD will be a target of US imperialism.

Country’s that refuse to SELL their GOLD to the USA, will have there economy’s destroyed, and their populations incinerated.





The Hong Kong ‘Physical Gold’ Story Get’s Real Weird … 3 Day’s after story breaks in Hong-Kong the USA/CIA version is being sanitized by Bloomberg/Zerohedge, … et-al


The USA/CIA wants to TRADE  free bernanke-bucks, so THEY can buy real gold from Swizterland, … thus the real back story here is that this could be a play by the CIA, to steal the SWISS GOLD with worthless bernanke bucks, as GOLD is running real low now, given that there is little to none on the street in Hong-Kong ( A usa colony ).


Here’s the story, a guy name ‘cheung’ running the hong kong COMEX is out of gold, and last friday told all his customer’s they can no longer redeem gold, but only CASH. Trouble is ‘cheung’ is also out of cash, and looking for an emergency loan, so he goes on bloomberg, and sucks bernanke, and now he’s got $100M Note that the HKD is tied to the USD ( bernanke-bucks ), In hong-kong for a long time the folks have been going to CNY ( renimbi ) or GOLD, nobody wants the USD or equivalent, now even cheung can’t get loans in HONG-KONG, so he’s whoring himself in the USA. Most telling, is in these end times you can see who the real liars are like max-keiser, and zerohedge, … because they’re not telling the real story, only the story that the CIA wants you to know. The HK comex is OUT OF GOLD that is a fact, but they’re also out of money, so the promise to return only US/HK DOLLARS to customers is also a big lie. They come over to the USA for money, and they then use their press ( stupid government controlled blogs ) and bloomberg to pitch their crap. There is plenty of gold, its just that those with US dollars or whores to the USA don’t have the gold, the gold is all deep in ASIA now. In summary the real story here is .. 1.) Nobody wants US/HK dollars ( asians ) 2.) Everybody wants gold 3.) The HK-COMEX is now on its knees to Bloomberg for bernanke bucks. It’s getting really ugly. The US publik is fed shit, courtesy of bloomberg, zerohedge, alex-jones, max-keiser, … you name it,… ‘Cheung’ the guy in HK, is only working the USA to get free bernanke-bucks, so he can buy real gold from Swizterland, … thus the real back story here is that this could be a play by the CIA, to steal the SWISS GOLD with worthless bernanke bucks, as GOLD is running real low now, given that there is little to none on the street in Hong-Kong ( A usa colony ).


The story broke on friday in HONG-KONG, the fact that CHEUNG was out of money. He’s lost face, and he’s rescinded his license to trade, he’s out forever.
No mention of this anywhere on the CIA story’s being fed by the zerohedge, or AJ, or Max Keiser, … they only mention that he’s on Bloomberg explaining how he’s going to buy swiss gold, but given that his license was revoked last week, that make’s NO Sense. Thus the entire Bloomberg assertion is an orchestrated FRAUD, to convince the US citizens to not be alarmed.

Worse of all if TRUE, … Then Bloomberg/Bernanke could have orchestrated this all along, after all they print money for free, and could very well already given ‘cheung’ a license in the USA, and unlimited account to buy swiss gold.


The story here is that ‘Cheung’ is broke, and has no money, he NEED’s over $100M usd ASAP, to cover customer acccounts that he has promised to pay cash in lieu of GOLD. There is NO money.


Lastly, at the very least the US story being fed by zerohedge could be a COVER for ‘cheung’ to make the HK mafia think that there is MONEY on the WAY,


But no where in the story before it made its way to ZH, no where was there in HK any mention of swiss gold,  this part was all made up by the CIA/ZH/AJ/MK .. oligarchy of lies.


The Cheung plan all along was that he’s out of biz, and that he needs CASH ASAP to return to investors. Funny that in the USA that’s not the story being told.


Lastly, let’s remember that there is a REAL shortage of GOLD in HK. But you must now pay in CNY, as nobody wants bernanke-bucks.


Maybe only the SWISS are the last man standing to sell their gold for BB’s????


Who else on earth will sell their GOLD for US dollars??

Maybe only IRAN with a US nuke to their head.


Hong Kong Exchange Terminates the Delivery of GOLD – NO MORE Physical GOLD!! COMEX are YOU Watching?

Again a classic leverage squeeze, now nobody want’s paper gold, and nobody has money.

NOTE THIS STORY AT THIS TIME IS BANNED ON ‘google news search”, and only show’s when you do a google search “hk suspends gold delivery”, … go ahead google and see what you get,… FYI gold is dropping today in asia

Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (Commodities: Gold Silver) is surrendering all metal trades and will settle in cash. Defaulted! No Gold or Silver to be given! The Asian comex just defaulted? An interesting turn of events.

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, which is the gold and silver commodities trading house in Hong Kong is immediately stopping/discontinuing and will be settling all gold and silver trades in cash that are in house at this time. Besides that, they will determine what amount/price they will settle the trades/contracts at. This is the exchange that began trading gold and silver in 2011 for the Pacific areas. This is the one we had all hoped would break the gold and silver manipulation. It seems the manipulation and physical amounts, broke them and they are not able to provide the physical.



The break has come, the USA ‘GLD’ is worthless paper gold, and its what OBAMA has been using to drive down the price of real gold to protect the dollar, the ASIAN’S have been demanding their ‘real gold’ for weeks, as  nobody want’s shit paper.


Well this will make the price of REAL GOLD to skyrocket, and paper-gold, and paper-money to go down.

If this happened to US COMEX, where the majority in CHICAGO ( home of gangster Obama ), then the entire house of card’s would collapse. In china the shit will hit the fan, as people will freak.

Most US citizens still hold paper-gold, aka ETF’s which aren’t worth a shit, or a bernanke-buck.


Hong Kong has now terminated the delivery of GOLD, real-gold.

Physical gold has run out, now you can only get CASH, if you claim your gold that’s held in Hong Kong.

Imagine for a moment if the USA were a real country, and that the COMEX at chicago ( obama gangster ground ),  imagine if people demanded ‘real gold’ rather than paper-gold (‘GLD’), and imagine if they’re were told they could only get ‘bernanke bucks’, … couldn’t happen here could it?

HONG KONG is one of the largest holder’s of physical gold in world, and its one of the last true economic democracy’s on earth, where the USA is on level with Zimbabwe.

A good guess that the CHINA mainland just put a DEMAND on HK to deliver all physical gold at a sweet price, and HK complied.

The collapse of the dollar(US) is very near, and HK is tied to the USD which means that HK is fucked, now folks can’t get their gold back, and will be paid in US-DOLLAR equivalent, aka HKD.

HK is the leader in the world after Singapore and possibly switzerland, … what you see before your eye’s is the SMART folks are UNLOADING ‘bernanke bucks’ and turning it in real-gold.

That folks that already have paper-gold, are now told its bernanke-bucks or nothing.

Talking about FUCKED.


“The favourable conditions under which HKMEx was founded have not changed. Global commodity demand continues to shift towards Asia as the region undergoes sustained growth, presenting great opportunities that we will continue to exploit,” said Barry Cheung, Chairman of HKMEx. “Our priorities now are to protect members’ interests by ensuring effective closing of open positions while strengthening our shareholding base and developing new products that play to our distinctive strengths.”

Seem’s to be a ‘run’ the bank, this guy’s not a crook ( Cheung), but the GOLD is gone or non-existant, and the money may soon be gone also, clearly a case of ‘leverage’, where folks wanted to hold gold and the house only had paper, and now they have to sell the paper at a loss, there is no gold, and they’re running low on Bernanke-Bucks ( IMPORTANT TO KNOW the HKD is TIED to the USD ).

But Cheung is FUCKED, as the HK press is making it sound like they don’t have any bernanke-bucks, … either

Again a classic leverage squeeze, now nobody want’s paper gold, and nobody has money.


Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (Commodities: Gold Silver) is surrendering all metal trades and will settle in cash. Defaulted! No Gold or Silver to be given!

This is Super Huge news in my opinion!

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, which is the gold and silver commodities trading house in Hong Kong is immediately stopping/discontinuing and will be settling all gold and silver trades in cash that are in house at this time.

HONG KONG, 18 May, 2013 – The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx) announces today it has decided to voluntarily surrender the authorisation to provide automated trading services (“ATS”) granted by the Securities and Futures Commission (“the SFC”).
With immediate effect, no new orders may be placed and all open positions will be financially settled at the settlement price determined by HKMEx and its designated clearinghouse.