America the Isolated? – zakaria … Is ameriKKKa really a benevolent devil?

America the Isolated?
By Fareed Zakaria Monday, May 27, 2013


Let’s be completely honest here, this story is simply to appease the ameriKKKan people, something that the average fucking KARDASHIAN doens’t have a clue, that the USA run’s and controls the entire fucking world, and that the prez and/or congress doesn’t give one fucking little fuck about the ameriKKKan people.

Now this entire story is about letting the US people, know their place, trying to explain to them what its like to live in a ‘colony’ of the USA.

But the sad fact is the ‘colony’s’ are in general 110% better than the USA, its the USA that is fucked to the tit.

Fareed has long been a CIA whore, .. now the entire program is UN-ravelling and the system ( cia/nsa ) quickly needs talking points to the USA public, why its MORE important to continue to funnel money from Benghazi to Syria, to buy weapons so that they can be sold to militants who will kill Israelis.

It’s quite funny that the USA public is led to believe that it is a ‘belligerent Israel’, but the fact is the USA has/is been arming the Israel enemy’s.

So now the USA sheeple are told NO MORE FOOD STAMPS, but its ok to hand out $1,000,000 EUROS ( $1.3M usd ) to russians who suck uncle same dick, …

Of course the USA prints all this money ( US DOLLARS ) for free, but the entire world will soon not want this money, and it will only be traded in the USA until a critical mass realize that the money isn’t worth shit.

Is the USA ‘isolated’?

Fuck yes, the US government doesn’t have a clue, their only weapon is the US-DOLLAR, they have the MOST illiterate public on the face of the earth, and their paying for the MOST expensive PRISON COLONY in human history.

Is the USA isolated?? YES

Are they a role model to any good people on earth? NO


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