“Synthetic Records” Make Cell-Phone Data Safe

“Synthetic Records” Make Cell-Phone Data Safe to Mine MIT Technology Review


Well this really fucking great!


It’s been well proven that all these records can easily be tracked back to the original person. The cell phone company’s, track you, and want to sell, but researchers had already proven that that the anonymous data could easily track you back to your real ID.


Now we have MIT putting its GOOD-NAME on this charade.


Mass of geese like a flock of folks moving in mass ( their cell phones ) is the CIA’s wet dream, whether it be a mini-van full of mormons, or john-birchers, … or whatever.


Cell phone company’s can make more money selling your past movement and location, than they get from you for monthly service fee’s.


In summary anonymous data has already been proven that it can be tracked, modern data-mining algorithms now allow all the anonymous data to easily find the other missing components. Early researchers proved that you only need to  have 3 pieces of data to 98% ID an individual, that data were zipcode, birth-date, and interests. Well zip, is built into this data, birth-date is part of gerontology and will mandated by the health researchers, and of course interests is all tied to the IP&MAC of your phone, courtesy of google & facebook.

A large part of Obama care is necessary tracking of the ILL, so birth-date is easy.


MIT has long been a whore to DOD, from the internet itself to proximity fuses bombs used in WWII, the greatest fascist weapons on earth have generally come out of DARPA(MIT).


Today with the mega NSA center in UTAH all dressed up to spy, and 10,000’s of private company’s selling IRS records and all else its easy to aggregate this data. What the fuck does ‘synthetic’ mean, they’re either going to show the location or not, and for health-care they’re going to say old that person who is driving …

Like I said earlier its well known to ID a person with zip, health, and hobby’s, … and that already built into the synthetic data, you don’t need a name, or social security.


Machine learning and data-mining are the hottest fields for young kids coming out of engineering school.


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