When will the USA economy Collapse? When will the Federal Reserve Fail? How long will it take?


The federal reserve has been stuck in this situation since Nixon took the gubmint off the gold standard.

All they can do is keep blowing up the bubble’s. Given it took Rome almost 500 years to destroy their money, it very well appears that this could be a very long show.

Today there is no doubt that ameriKKKa is burning that we have our NERO and CALIGULA have come and gone,

But like ROME the majority of the world trembles in fear, and waits for the ‘beast’ (USA) to die of DEBT, but ROME too took a long time to die for the same reason.

If and when the farmer quit’s sending his grain in exchange for the US Dollars, then the US beast will live.

In today’s US world, a better model, is given the 60% on ‘food stamps’, or gubmint check, and given they can turn this ATM credit into real food, as long as the cop’s,soldier’s continue to get this ATM credit they’ll continue to control the masses, and keep the masses in fear.

How long will the farmer continue to accept this credit? This site advocates having your own garden, … a good metric might be if&when farmers DEMAND gold or bitcoins for their products.

I hate to use the bitcoin analogy, but lets be honest its vapor-money, not real, as real as ‘GLD’, which is just shit-paper, not unlike the federal reserve note.

In summary it wasn’t until the granary’s of Rome went empty, and there was no bread to eat in Rome and that was because the farmers quit sending their wheat to Rome, as they no longer wanted the worthless money for food.

The US system of coercion, could indeed go on for a very long time. 😦



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