Benghazi – Follow the Money – Obama has his own Iran-Contra with Murder

Iran-Contra during the RAYGUN in the 1980’s …

These activities, all choreographed by the CIA, were fed to allies such as West Americans: “Because of the Iran-Contra scandal—the selling of weapons to Iran


Meanwhile, Hezbollah stockpiled weapons and and recruited many new …. Shi’a Islam international bases are used to buy and sell weapons for organized attacks. and the CIA Station Chief in Beirut, William Buckley, and to have kidnapped

An influential contra leader was denied cash to purchase arms after he of Singlaub’s dealer was Secord’s profit margin,” the report says.


[ Ollie North, John Singlaub, and Secord .. all got rich cocaine money in Nicaragua to buy stingers for afghans, but this time under Obama, and before under RAYGUN lot’s of weapons went to Hezollobah, then enemy of Israel. ]

‘Expect Israeli strikes on Russian arms shipment to Syria-Hezbollah defense systems to Syria • CIA Director John Brennan in Israel to coordinate policy. been sold by Russia to Syria in recent years, could be transferred to Hezbollah within


[ Jump to today, the CIA office in Benghazi a front for selling weapons to the Syrian opposition. Who pay’s this time? Who is making the money? ]


An Israeli defense official says the head of the American CIA spy agency has about weapons transfers from Syria to the Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah. to Russia this week to persuade Moscow not to sell an advanced air




Ok, so look today, we have a different situation, because Ollie North, Singlaub, and Secord, lived and went on to be RICH MEN. Stevens and all his entourage were murdered by the fact that Hillary Clinton via OBAMA refused to cover them, most suspect that  the secret CIA station is Benghazi was attacked by the very weapons that the CIA sold to the Syrian opposition.


The outcome is that Hezbollah got weapons, and were used against Israel, because of this Clinton had no choice but to exterminate all involved.


Now Israel is aligning with Russia, because at least Russia isn’t arming Hezbollah. The USA seems to know to give (SELL) weapons for OIL cash to the most VOLATILE places, to make things as worse as possible, to kill the most number of people.


Syria is a client to RUSSIA, and ISRAEL must live in the region. The USA profits from unrest in the middle east by way of high oil prices.


Somebody made a lot of money, where is the money? Did it burn int he mission? Or did ‘state department’ clinton already get the money?? Or was the money stolen from Benghazi and given to the Syrian Rebels ( Hezbollah) ?


The USA started all these ‘arab springs’, they created the mess in the middle east. They turn Libya in to terrorist training ground, and now they’re turning Syria into the new ‘Somalia’.

Today Obama is having US Citizens killed world wide and not a peep , and now he’s even having US ambassadors killed ( stevens ). So this is much worse than IRAN-CONTRA.




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