Syrian Electronic Army – Can bring down the Internet, but doesn’t get the ‘Onion’.

Stabley Times  – ‎1 hour ago‎
The Syrian Electronic Army is an anonymous group of hackers with a political agenda leaning overtly in favor of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, though neither Assad nor the hackers will take credit for being affiliated with the other.
Well this has to be the stupidest story coming out of Government Propaganda today, … First we’re told that ASSAD ( syrian leader ) is smart enough to have a crack team of ‘hackers’ that can bring down the USA economy, but they’re so fucking stupid that they think the ‘THE ONION” is a real site.
This is the kind of stuff that sticks. The system loves to spread this kind of shit, … on the one hand you’re supposed to be in fear, on the other hand your told these people are USA-PUBLIK stupid.
Just about any ‘organized group’ or lone-wolf or what have you can bring down anything they wish, albeit you would get CAUGHT, as there is ALWAY’s fingerprint’s left, … now of course if you working for the government say NSA, then of course you can feed shit into the undersea cable, or satellites above and SPOOF anything, but for a MORTAL, that is willing to be caught and probably wants to be caught, they wouldn’t care, besides their 10 minutes of fame, … is probably enough.
Does the Syria government have ‘hackers’? Of course, all governments have such, and all governments of control their TELCO ( mother feed of all internet ), so they can do anything they wish.
But today we’re told that Syrian hackers are more dangerous that poison gas, of course that’s for their own people ( syrians ), but now we’re told that the SEA can get into the USA and disrupt the economy, and its an attack of war, but that these folks are so stupid that they first attacked the ‘Onion’ a site that parody’s all the stupid shit our government does.
Most likely the SEA is agent provocateur, for the very reason that these days the NSA/CIA knows what everybody is doing, where they are, … so if your a REAL HAKCKER, and your not in JAIL, its because your on the gubmint payroll, or they want you to be free, to be blamed on something, …
Lastly, its very clear that slowly the gubmint is trying to teach people that ‘hacking’ is worse that baby fucking, or raping grandma. Thus ‘hackers’ can and should be taken out with ‘drones’ wherever they are, … pre-emption at its best, for if we don’t take them out with a drone today, your ATM card may not work tomorrow.
I think the real smart people are already long off the internet. I know in my own judgement that compared to 1995 that there is little I can do now on the internet that is not monitored. That google & facebook know just about everything, shit that you have forgotten about yourself they know. That google/facebook are a branch of the CIA/NSA.
In summary the only folks that can disrupt the INTERNET today are governments, and the only governments to date that have done so are the USA and Israel. Me thinks CHINA may be testing the water, but only for education.
Of course just recently IRAN was fucked bad by a CIA/ISRAEL virus, and they are buddy’s with syria, so you can assume that the best and brightest from IRAN are helping syria get up, but let’s not forget that like OSAMA (OBL-usama bin laden), that all the actor’s in this game are USA EDUCATED engineers. That they know about the ‘ONion’. Whenever you see a highly educated man in the Persian/Arab world, and he holds a USA graduate degree,  you can almost be assured he’s CIA. Just like Osama Bin Laden.

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