The Gold War Begins – The USA killed 10’s of millions to control OIL; Will they do the same to Control Gold?

Today we’re witnessing a dramatic rise in the Chinese Yuan(CNY).

We’re seeing Hong Kong gold shop’s with no gold to sell,


Nobody want’s Hong Kong dollars ( USA dollars tied ), everybody wants Yuan & Gold.

Now we’re told that Hong Kong wants Swiss GOLD, but they’ll be using USD, makes since as China is setting on $2 trillion.

China will not sell their GOLD for US dollars, and the Swiss don’t want US dollars either.


The USA wants more GOLD, but nobody wants worth less US bernanke paper.


Same problem with OIL, why did the USA invade kill? Iraq, Libya, … everywhere same the governments wanted to sell their OIL in GOLD or Euro’s, anything but US dollars.


Refuse the US petro-dollar and your country and its people DIE, been going on 50 years, the Vietnam War was about SE asian OIL.


The past 40 year wars have been about Mid-east OIL,

But now its all new, the remaining country’s with GOLD, and the USA wants that GOLD, but these country’s don’t want the USD either.
Will the USA bomb Switzerland if it refuses to sell its GOLD to the USA and/or Hong-Kong???


The Africaners have already repatriated their GOLD, if the USA comes to  buy it back and they say no, … will the USA bomb them?


Soon, very soon the USA will have nothing to offer, they have only a small amount of SPR oil, and their paper money is worthless.
Nearing these end times in desperation the US governments only hope is to capture the worlds GOLD, so that they have PRIORITY trading status in the coming New World Order.


My bet is that any country that has GOLD will be a target of US imperialism.

Country’s that refuse to SELL their GOLD to the USA, will have there economy’s destroyed, and their populations incinerated.






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