BENGHAZI: Clash of the Titans – BIG OIL versus AIPAC – Watching the Slow Implosion of TEAM OBAMA & TEAM CLINTON

Osama Bin Laden was always CIA, he was a trained USA engineer, from the same Bin-Laden family that kept the BUSH family in power.

Don’t watch the movie, read the book.

The book ‘charlie wilsons’ war is factual, and real, and you’ll learn something about how&why al-queda ( Bin-Laden ) came to power and became the GOTO man for the CIA.

WRT state-department and CIA. Let’s make this clear. Counter to what you ALL might think.

The state-department has more wet-ops than the CIA. The CIA is intelligence gathering, the state-department, recruits professional killers. When I used to train Hand to Hand back in the day, it was state-department that were the experts on killing, and never the CIA.

So this story is a plant in my mind, … blame everything on Hillary for being stupid.

NOPE, see folks the story never really ended Bin-Laden was always CIA, and Al-queda which means “THE BASE” in Persian, was always the middle-east code for “CIA”.

What happened in Benghazi, is that Hillary’s money, went to Hizzbollah, the enemy of Israel. That forced the HAND of the MOSSAD to demand to the CIA to shutdown Benghazi.

As AIPAC controls the US congress and all that is the USA.

Until I see a story that “connects the dot’s”, that tells how the Hillary money went to Syrian Rebels ( aka al-queda/hizbollah ), then the real story as why Steven’s died cannot be understood.

CIA ain’t christian, the MOSSAD ain’t Jewish.

BIG OIL brought team-hillary to power, CLINTON was an old rockefeller whore back in the day’s of Arkansas, and old man Winthop Rockefeller actually paid for BIll’s ivy-league education, in fact some go as far to speculate that Winthop was the father, as bill’s mother lived in a trailer behind the arkansas white house was then then governor (rockefellers) whore. [ Old man Rockefeller ‘big oil’ had a dozen son’s placed in power all over the USA ]

The point is HILLARY/BILL were put in POWER by big-oil, they’re not part of TEAM AIPAC.

HILLARY & BILL are part of TEAM “KILL FOR OIL”. AIPAC bless their heart is more interested in preserving the state of israel. What I’m trying to say is that AIPAC isn’t in the business of killing per-se, but BIG-OIL got big from killing and it only stay’s big from killing.

In Benghazi, Hillary got caught killing a US congressman. Is this surprising? Hell no.

So what happened in Benghazi was that HILLARY got slapped down for giving money to HEZBOLLAH, and Betreaus was so pissed that the FBI had to take him out.

The real story here is alliance to PRO AIPAC, or PRO BIG OIL,

Us minions are actually watching “battle of the titans’ in real time. Or “clash of tthe titans”, whatever its all in real-time.

Long ago this couldn’t have happened, but now BIG-OIL has met its match, they got a little cocky,… mess with Israel and you go down, no matter how big you are.

This is like watching the TWO biggest MAFIA family’s on the planet fighting over the last scraps to steal from the public.




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