GOLD Keep it Secret Keep it Safe … The US Government Want’s your GOLD and Know’s YOU Have it … Confiscation Coming to YOU Soon
Start this video at :32 seconds, … to skip, to the story about a kingdom on a mountain, … its song story, about how the USA killed the world for its GOLD/OIL… 😦

Well we’re very close to the USA seizing all the GOLD,

When the new SDR currency goes on line, the country that hold’s the most gold, gets to print the most paper.

Will the USA once again steal all the GOLD from the citizen?? Fuck yes 🙂

Unlike USA in asia there are gold-shops on every corner, not unlike starbuck in usa

When these gold shop’s are low on gold, then you know something is up, in the past month rich women from mainland china went shopping all over asia and bought up the gold, especially in hong-kong, the shopping paradise for the rich. So now the gold is gone, … shop’s without gold.

This put’s big pressure on the market.

On the other hand MOST GOLD is paper, and sadly most folks are dumping that paper.

This is a liquidation of paper gold and paper money.

The USA keeps the publik fixated on JAPAN, but for everywhere else the dollar is losing ground, only compared to japan is the dollar going up, this is because ABE ( bernanke of japan ) is now printing more money than Bernanke, by request of uncle-sam.

Sam ( your uncle ) wants germany to print also, but they have said “FUCK YOU”.

So here is the real story. Keep your GOLD, real gold and BURY it good, as when they come to your house its easy to find, and NEVER tell friends or neighbor, during the 1933 GRAB that’s how they got the GOLD, by giving 10% of the proceeds to the NARC, most people lost their GOLD because they talked to family, friends, or neighbors.

Paper gold of course is trivial for the US government to steal.

In the coming weeks and/or months, expect the USA to find any and all pretext possible to grab the world’s GOLD, and especially NOT send any out of USA border’s.

When the new one world currency SDR comes the BOY with the MOST gold will control the SHOW, that’s why now CHINA, IRAN, SWISS, GERMANY, ITALY are all working hard to hold ground, and the USA wants to be the one with ALL, so the real danger now is the GOLD WAR.

The USA killed MURDERED 10′s of millions of children, women for OIL, never think for a moment that the USA will not kill the world for its GOLD.

Reminds me of that BILLY-JACK song “ONE TIN SOLIDER”, about a village-people that killed all on the mountain, for their gold, but in the song, there was no gold, only a message about PEACE.

The USA is the most evil nation on earth, and once they have robbed and raped the world, they will turn on their own people as you see now.

The only hope for the world is to make the USA a prison, and contain the US publik.
Start this video at :32 seconds, … to skip, to the story about a kingdom on a mountain, … its song story, about how the USA killed the world for its GOLD/OIL… 😦



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