Mining social media for intel – Local law enforcement now 24/7/365 reading ALL facebook, twitter, …If they’re going to SPY, … then feed them SHIT.

JUST SAY NO TO ‘social media’ … Keep it safe, … keep it simple.


The call it ‘data mining’ ( Machine-Learning ), essentially not much new, what’s new is cheap computers, and lots of  ‘data’, courtesy of YOU, the US citizen, or world citizen. Data mining isn’t new, the algorithm’s have been around 60+ years, what’s new is cheap fast computers, and ton’s of free data about YOU.


‘UNKNOWN’, to most user’s that even in privacy mode, that all their communication is stored, what’s may surprise you even more is the cop’s can now buy online LIVE feed by keyword, for instance “#gun” … or “#party”, … and they can get all location’s, and live feed anybody using such keywords anywhere they are, … this is called PRO-ACTIVE law enforcement, …


But look at this this way, they can also have “#gold”, and somebody foolish enough to say “Hey bro, just bought a few ounces of gold today at the shop,…”, then the cop’s and all law enforcement near you, know that you have a prize for them awaiting in your home or car, … should they search you and find your GOLD, its your word against their’s, … don’t really matter your GOLD is gone.



What are some social media best practices in the area of crime prevention, investigation, and enforcement?


Researchers Review Boston Bombing Social Media Activity

So, how are they doing it?

For starters, there are automated data mining technologies on the market that enable law enforcers to do 24/7/365 monitoring of things like Twitter. You can set up searches to help alert you to crimes taking place in near-real time simply by looking for “hash tags” such as: 

•    #alarm
•    #fight
•    #gunshot

I think its pretty clear that NOBODY should be using any kind of ‘social media’, and if you are using it, … then drive the cop’s nut’s, … just have everybody pass message’s like “Hey we’re having a cocaine party @…(and use the cop or court address, … )”,


Bull shit drives the COP’s nut’s, … so everybody should make a point of feeding the system SHIT, … everytime you go to the toilet you can text and say “I just dumped a BOMB” … “The Shit is at …. (location)”,…

If they’re going to SPY, … then feed them SHIT.


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