MSM & Internet demonize CHINA Because the PIMPS(USA/CIA-NSA) Hate REAL “People Power”


“China spending more money on spying …” …. “Chinese Military growing…”

Just another stupid story. A plant.

Just substitute every word you see in the MSM for ‘china’ to ‘usa/cia’ then it makes sense, China, ..The USA is the biggest MILITARY and PRISON on earth, … and yet the EYE of SAURON tell’s us to look at CHINA….


I hate to say this to you folks, cares a lot more about its people than the US government. The PLA is just that the Peoples LIberation Army, and it was created by MAO in 1947 to FREE the chinese people from USA colonialism. So yeh, the CIA/NSA hates the PLA, cuz its PEOPLE,


The problem here is that the USA is NAZI-FASCISM, That China is just old fashion Confucianism.


*** A little history, MAO came to power like CASTRO, … CASTRO (CUBA) came to power because he saw the USA turning cuban girls into whores.


MAO came to power for the same reason, the USA was running whore-houses in SHANGHAI, THat’s how both these guys came to power.


MAO created a new country, a country that the PIMPS (USA CIA) HATE.


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