THE IRS has ALWAYS had CONTROL of BATF, THE IRS has always had the BEST GUNS & BOMBS – Since the 1930′s BATF & IRS have been siamese twins sharing the same asshole

The US TREASURY controls the IRS & BATF


You all might wonder why is BATF under ‘treasury’ money?


Ahh the reason is they KNOW that you need a GUN to keep the people paying taxes, and to make sure the money is good. The US dollar is ONLY as good as the gun backing up the money.


** Since the 1930′s BATF & the IRS have been siamese twins sharing the same ASSHOLE ( US treasury ).



stupid stuff really, … just shows that nobody knows..

take a shotgun, and put say 10 00-buck shells in said gun, each shell has say a dozen 9mm ball bearings, a smart guy with a pump can knock that off in a few seconds, … that is 100′s of 9′mm rounds going somewhere, … the terminal destruction is awesome.
On the other place in some ‘slugs’ and you got a hunk of lead ( 1″ ball ) that will kill anything at close distance, …

NOPE, … I think its pretty clear to anybody that knows guns that a trained man, with a pump mossberg 500 series with 00-buck loaded, and maybe 6 ‘slugs’ on the stock awaiting is one awesome machine,

There really isn’t another weapon to take to a battle, maybe a sniper gun out at 500+ meters, … or maybe a handgun for ‘concealment’, … but for real world action from 5 feet to 50 feet a shotgun wins.

Once your under 5 feet then you better know how to use a knife, or know how to fight, out from 100 yards to a mile, it wouldn’t be bad to have a 50 calibre barret with a scope,…

I think for survival, and general work, a shotgun is the baddest weapon around


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