Throughout Human History – When country’s such as the USA fail, those that left early with their money, always do fine

“March on WASH-DC…” … Revolution, …  blah-blah … Folks that follow such leaders are in a suicide pack.

Well the ‘problem’ is stated, but the solution, could very well be a violation of the law as such stated.

I don’t really think the point here is addressing solutions, its just stating the simple fact that sending men to their death, doesn’t solve the problem.

I like to study the ‘Bonus Boys’ of WWI, that were slaughtered on the white-house step’s, and those were tough boyz, … not the pussy’s of today. Yes, the WASH-DC is nothing more than a ‘kill box’, thus the OP deserves credit for stating the obvious.

I myself are of the opinion that ameriKKKa it too far gone, too fucked, and not worth saving. Smart folk left already, and those that are still there are going to rot in hell, and those that stay until the end collecting gubmint checks are going to die miserable deaths.

Much has been written about the history of economic collapse, and in ALL cases in human history a society that goes down does not recover, so even if you were to ‘fight’ someone, … there really is no reason to die for such, … as in reality there are many good places to just live.

The USA is the most homicidal evil country on earth, and they will all kill each other. If you want to die stay and fight, if your a cop, and must kill US citizens to make a living, just remember some day your gubmint payment will stop, and your family will starve.

Please folks study history, and understand that in all cases for the past 2,000 years when mercantile economy’s collapse, there is nothing to eat and everybody just leaves, and all that is left is a ghost-town.

*** Read Marc Fabers “Tomorrow’s Gold”, … the entire book is about how mercantile economy’s fail and never come back, this is historical fact. Those that believe that if they ‘suicide’ that they can fix what ails  ameriKKKa are insane.

When country’s such as the USA fail, those that let early with their money, always do fine, … those that stayed and fight generally lose all and die.


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