The Guardian Anger swells after NSA phone records collection revelationsYou have to wonder why now?

I mean come on, … I have been working around this FT-MEADE shit for 40+ years, and I think everybody knows that ALL COMM, ALL has always been recorded, Presidents have been spying on Politicans forever, shit FBI was created in the 1930′s so the EXEC could spy on everyone. FACT.


SO why in the fucking hell, are we even having this conservation now? NSA, OSS, CIA, … has been doing this stuff since the technology was created, phone companys have been storing YOUR phone records FOREVER, who in the fuck would think for a minute that stuff has NOT been for sale forever.

In all my time, anybody that knows anybody at any cop shop, can pay a few bucks and get anybody’s DATA, been this way fucking forever. WHY NOW? WHY NOW is this even being discussed?



Something is UP, .. could be a coup, .. certainly the asshole OBAMA isn’t responsible, all these programs like PRISM in the WAPO are from BUSH, and like I have said J-edgar-hoover was spying on everybody in the 1930′s forward.


For some reason there is now a massive conversation. Maxine waters bitch from hell recently said “Obama has created a new database, that gives everybody on anybody 24/7 for all time”, .. She went on to say “I don’t fear OBAMA, but what the next ADMIN does with this database I’m not sure”


Poindexter/bush/ollie north, … called it TIA .. total information awareness. Well its online now and its so big and collecting data so fast that UTAH had to build a new data center for the NSA just to hold all the data.


New ‘data mining’ algorithms like SVD,SVM,NMF,… allow infinite data to be sifted in real time and any question posed and answered, the true big brother computer like HAL in 2001 exists today, and with all this data and the new algorithms. Everything can be done. ( Singual value decomposition, non-negative-matrix-factorization, support vector machine … This shit didn’t exist 10+ years ago, .. and now new ‘data mining’ allows any amount of DATA ( your phone calls ) to be projec
For instance you can say “Where are all the pro-gun people right now?”, and a MAP would show in red where every pro-gun person in the USA is, the NSA does this because they don’t care about the individual they look for cluster-movement, and then they pass the INTEL to DHS who then send’s out a rapid response team to that locale.


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