NSAKEY – New Proof Shows that Tapping into INTERNATIONAL Cables and Collecting data at USA Corporations are two Different NSA Programs

new prism slide

NSA’s Pet Dogs the mainstream media had been liars and saying that the NSA didn’t collect data from USA corporations that they tap the data free undersea cables and satellite, but this new proof show’s there are two separate programs. Once for tapping data, and the other that comes directly from server’s.

The problem is ‘taping’ is real-time, but for real long-term data-mining the NSA needs to go into say ‘facebook’ and be able to study what everybody did for all time in the past. Of course facebook keeps data on everybody, including those that don’t have facebook account.

Facebook is of MOST interest in people who don’t use facebook.

Today NOT using facebook is an  indication to the US government that you are a suspicious person.




A demonstration “how to do it” program that replaces the NSA key can be found on Cryptonym’s


Of course none of this is NEW, as of 1999 each and every copy of ‘windows’ has an NSAKEY (wikipedia), that allows the NSA to invade each and every PC on the planet.

Who is to say that ALL the data collected in these programs is not also coming from distributed computer’s themselves.



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