Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube … They are the US Government. No Backdoor required, because the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS OWN the front the door.

I can see why DerLeader finds the NSA to boring, … hell I used to say 30+ years ago that the PC finally allowed the citizen to enter his own DOSSIER on behalf of the STASI ( USA ), and now with facebook, you got kids entering their dossiers for life. To think that the government didn’t have access, but I’ll go farther, … GOOGLE, .. is the GOVERNMENT, you don’t get to be that BIG and not be part of the government. It’s impossible, once over about $10M in sales per year for any company, if your not in bed with the government, then they’ll ( CIA ) will steal your biz, … so all these BIG internet company’s they are the government.

These kids like FACEBOOK zuckersuck, … they’re billionaires on paper cuz they suck NSA/CIA cock.

I’m sure there are GOOD internet sites out there, but as you all known, if GOOGLE don’t like you, then you don’t exist, and that’s pretty much the story, and sites like ZH, DR, BB well given that they’re CO-INTEL(FBI), … they’re top hits, … enough said.

You want to find a real guy, don’t look on TV, and don’t look on the internet top-10, .. you got to dig deep,

But I think CHOMSKY is real,… he’s been saying real for 60+ years, … Carrol Quigley is real shit, if you want to understand the US government history for REAL.


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