Obama Call’s for a SPY DEBATE – OK but FIRST YOU MUST PUT THE NSA/CIA on the BUDGET – When the Biggest Job’s in AmeriKKKa are on a Secret Budget its hardly a Democracy. Even the USA Congress doesn’t know how much the NSA Spends on Spying

Well there are TWO kinds of government here when we talk about government, there is the WHORE government that OBAMA talks to or Feinstein, or McCain, then there is the

SHADOW-GOVERNMENT/SECRET-GOVERNMENT, and that’s the one that really matters.

The FAKE government that one that the OREO-OBAMA send’s platitudes to, … well that is 100% imaginary tooth fairy shit,

But the REAL government, the secret GUBMINT that is the BIG banks, the BIG PHARMA, Big prisons, big MIL,

Like NSA off-budget, … want to have a debate fucking OBAMA? PUT THE fucking SPY state on the BUDGET. I mean what’s the point of even talking about DEMOCRACY when the vast majority of real jobs and real decisions are all off budget. By this I mean unless you have are an ALIEN is that ALL the SPY shit is secret, even the majority in CONGRESS has no fucking idea how much is spent on SECRET-GOVERNMENT.

Of course the secret government has a job, its to keep the US dollar in currency reserve status, and of course the secret government has their own print press and can print ALL the benj-franklin $100 notes they wish ,…

So the BIG problem now in the USA is the secret-gubmint have MORE power and more money than the little guys, … that’s why I keep stressing about $200k salary for a high school drop out. Educated folks get $1M, …  100’s of BILLIONS of funny BERNANKE MONEY is passed to the secret government, it now stands for a majority of the economy,… the scale is so vast, that its a fucking joke that they have kept a secret this long …


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