Obama Say’s the NSA Spying is “LEGAL”, It Was OBAMA that made it “LEGAL”, OBAMA is a TRAITOR to the US Constitution

  • bush-era-spying-made-legal-under-obama-common…

    According to “lawmakers and company officials,” this umbrella law allegedly permits the NSA to issue secret court … bush-era-spying-made-legal-under-obama




    If there is any liberal left on the US soil that still thinks their ‘boy’ is going to bring good to this earth, may that moron rot in HELL.


    If OBAMA makes ‘baby rape’ “LEGAL” will you apologize?

    OBAMA has already legalized the MURDER of USA citizens, … what’s left?
    The LAW or the LAW that OBAMA makes is not LAW, it is a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT MAKING CRIME LEGAL.




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