NSA AIPAC Money Tree for New World Order and Controlling the USA Congress

AIPAC controls the USA congress, but how? With money. Where does AIPAC get its money? From US SPY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, the PRISM software is written by PALINTIR an AIPAC holding from ISRAEL. Billions of US dollars are funneled to AIPAC through the SPY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (SIC). That money is used to feed the US Congress who in turn send more money to Israel holding company’s. Because the SPY industry is secret the US congress can say “We didn’t know”, … brilliant.

TIA didn’t work, it was tower of babel, also TIA was started by poindexter back when OLLIE-NORTH ran the whitehouse in the 1980’s under raygun.

Until about 5 years ago the TIA didn’t mean shit, but about 5 years ago great advances have been made in machine-learning ( SVM ), Jim is about 30 years late on the curve in his open he says the GUBMINT can’t correlate BULLSHIT.

Ten years ago it was still ALL hucksterism, but now that PRIVATE companys collect and sell the data, and ISRAEL write the software (PRISM-PALINTIR), … now in the past 5 years, now anybody at the NSA ( or any law enforcement ) center can correlate anything on anybody, and its ALL for sale to anybody that has $$$.

See that’s why everybody in CONGRESS is 100% for this shit, cuz the SPY industry is the biggest BIZ today in the USA, look a high school drop out was making $200k/year(snowden), … this is serious shit and SPYING is the LOBBY that NOW OWNS the USA, and he who OWNS the USA, CONTROLS the USA.


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