Jews Who Cover for the AIPAC Spy Operation are Repeating the Mistake’s they made in 1938 Germany

I maintain that there is an inverse correlation between the technical abilities of the government to harvest data and their competence to use it for anything. The salient trend in our government is to become more inept, ineffectual, impotent, and feckless, no matter how big the compost heaps of sheer information it manages to pile up. – Jim Kunstler

I’m sure that JIM will always compulsively lie and cover for ISRAEL, even when they don’t have HIS best intentions.

Jim is stuck in the way back machine, much of his ‘rhetoric’ about ‘peak-oil’ is stuck in the 1970’s, and he’s NOT a trained engineer.

But yes his entire monologue here is ‘never mind’, ‘they have lots of data, but keystone cops can’t do anything’, … blah

There is a reason that the NSA has given NARUS/PALANTIR ( $10 billion US dollars ) for this technology called PRISM. NARUS/PALANTIR of course are AIPAC(ISRAEL), but this technology uses post 2005 MATH&COMP-SCI to do machine learning, and generate real-time graphics as seen in any Hollywood blockbuster, ..

Why JIM fails to discuss what’s really going on? He’s stuck in the ‘world by hand’, his mind’s eye on technology is stuck in the 1970’s,

Jim has no intention to fight the enemy, if you want to fight the enemy then you must understand his tools’ for real, and you must be able to fight him with his own tools. Failure to understand the technology used presently would be a complete hopeless loss for those that desire freedom. People like Jim, or people who follow jim’s line of thought are being led to the cliff, and they will ALL perish.

Think of it this way even in 1938 there were Jews who told other Jew’s, don’t worry HITLER doesn’t have an IBM computer, he can’t use hollerith cards to track you, …Hitler’s men aren’t smart enough to know who’s a jew, and where they keep their money. Guess what? Those that listened to the KUNSTLER’s of that era who were Jews ALL died 100%.

Yes, I’m a Jew.


For those who don’t understand the situation, there are Jews who worked for HITLER, well document in the Shirer’s ‘third rhiech’ … Is is my position that AIPAC is those Jews who brought HITLER to power.


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