USA Built a TROJAN HORSE (Google, Facebook .. ) and Gave it Away for FREE, and then their HUBRIS Destroyed Everything

– Well CHINA has always been right, but the USA has always controlled the debate.

Now the USA has lost the debate, and nobody but those on the $200k/year+ payroll is going to defend the secret government.

Virtually all negative story’s for all time coming out of the western MSM have been lies. Look at Tiananmen Square, a single event, but the USA had WACO, Ruby Ridge, … Kent State, dozens of times where the US government murdered its own people in mass.

Trouble is the USA got too greedy and too corrupt, and because of the secrecy there was no oversight, and now EVERYTHING USA has lost credibility for all time.

GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK will NEVER recoup the goodwill loss on this its over, and that means that even if the NSA is elminated trojan horse that the USA built will NEVER be replaced.

Forever the USA has lost a huge portion of their power, influence and credibility in the world.

Lastly, fine if SNOWDEN isn’t wanted by CHINA, then PUTIN would love to take SNOWDEN and use him to humiliate the USA.


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