Why are there TWO PRISM Programs – DHS has one to spy on the US public – The NSA has one also …hmm

The PRISM program for the DHS was created by OBAMA so he would have his own intelligence, domestic and not have to ask the military, OBAMA ordered this software solution directly from the Israeli provider PALANTIR Technology, based in California, but owned by Israel.


Then Palinantir also SOLD this technology to the NSA,


Now there is a feud on WHO get’s to spy on USA citizens. The US-MIL of course controls the NSA, so OBAMA has to beg for data. The NSA was always very careful on a need-to-know basis about its ‘data’ ( crown jewels ).


Now everything has been ‘privatized’ under OBAMA, and the NSA has largely been cut out, sure they got a new $2 Billion dollar facility in UTAH, but its only for storage, OBAMA and TEAM DHS/TSA get to do the analysis. So now in effect there is a COLD WAR between OBAMA’S DHS and the old NSA legacy folks.


Following this paradigm you can see WHY they created SNOWDEN, and understand why the debate has been made public. Either way the USA public will be spied on, but WHOM will do the work,


IMHO I think the MILITARY is safer so long as we had posse-commitatus to keep the MIL off the backs of USA citizens. Obama’s DHS/TSA remind me of the guys in ‘V for Vendetta” the FINGERMEN, .. very nasty little men doing nasty stuff to the public.

There could very well be a COUP over this when its all over.



3 thoughts on “Why are there TWO PRISM Programs – DHS has one to spy on the US public – The NSA has one also …hmm

  1. Holy smoke, I’ll bet the baddies are crapping themselves.

    • Yes, its been widely suggest that they say its ok for them to spy on us, lets turn it around, .. using advanced math and available google live tools its quite easy to follow Feinsteins every movement and McCain,… and even CAM them into the toilet room, the problem here is that in order to make the data available it has to be available, and it is.
      The new math and algorithms are all ready in the public domain.

      I remember years ago at physics conference NWO order leader GARWIN ( Megawatts and Megatons: The Future of Nuclear Richard L. Garwin) made a fascinating comment, … he said “WHEN THEY (HIM) decided to drop the BOMB on japan their only concern was it would tell the world it could be done” prior to this it was always denial a nuclear-bomb was called ‘crack pot’, after the USA had dropped the bomb CHINA/RUSSIA had one in a few years, because once the human mind knows something is possible then anybody can duplicate.

      OK, now the cat is out of the bag, … everybody knows that with public google data you can spy on anybody 24/7 and at the same level as NSA/CIA, soon this stuff is on going be free service …

      Everybody in the coming months is going to be mining facebook, and google, and twitter and using the meta-data to spy on ALL the politicians.

  2. At a guess, the government — and it could be the CIA or FBI or some unknown agency rather than the NSA — is getting bulk information from “fiber cables and infrastructure as data flows past” and uses PRISM to fill the gaps as not all transmissions can be tapped all the time and linking and collating the bulk data is aided by information available only from provider servers. While PRISM has gotten the focus of attention, it may in itself actually be among the least intrusive of the government’s surveillance operations.

    …. ok … grasshopper …

    Yes, PRISM is the name of the system, and there are two systems, one held by NSA, and the other DHS, as OBAMA wanted since 2008 to create his own private army and private INTEL.

    The software for prism is called PALANTIR, the Hardware is called NARUS.

    The hardware is located in secret rooms at all corporations that have trojan horses ( free service).

    The software for prism, called Palantir can of course be used anywhere including in Hawaii.

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