Everyone and HIS DOG are Being Spied on by this Kleptocratic Government

Well telling the Muslims at the Mosque that they’re NOT being watched, and telling johnny-redneck at ‘jeebuz xmas’ church that he is, … has got to be hilarious.

Don’t tell me you believe this shit? I read today that community’s are now requiring DNA on your dog’s shit, so they can FINE you if a lump is found on the city street, thus even FIDO is being tracked by this fucking kleptocracy.

This story that ONLY white assholes are being spied on is PURE anti-obama CRAP.

Everyone and their fucking DOG is being spied on. PERIOD.

KLEPTOCRACY – A government ran by low class criminals.


DHS/NSA/CIA Starts DNA Testing Dogs after Feces Pile …

Fort Meade, Maryland, complex is turning to extreme measures to combat an overflowing tide of animal refuse. With Governments Leaders unwilling to let their children play in the grass for fear of dog poo, the complex plans to implement the “Poo-Prints” program, which will use DNA testing to …

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