Manufacturing Holocaust – Why the MOSSAD/CIA Want Everyone in Syria to Die

Read this week’s ‘king james’ kunstler report, and I can say “BORING FRUCKING ZION-SHIT”, why don’t james just put a reference number up to an old post from 1980’s about peak-oil?

I mean this shit is boring, sure as hell jame’s sell’s books, but most of all he sell’s zionist 101 dog&pony, keep the fucking moron’s fixated on bullshit.

Let’s play the james-game and talk about SYRIA, and how his ISRAEL is running the US government (AIPAC) to murder everyone in SRYIA so that with no human life in SYRIA nobody will sabatoge the precious oil-pipe line that runs to ISRAEL through syria,

There’s a SHIT-LOAD of OIL all over the world, assholes like JAMES are what keep the price HIGH, by suggesting there is a shortage, but once a whore for ZION always a whore, ..

The KIRKUK fields are full of oil and 50 years ago ISRAEL paid for a pipeline, but for 50 years the SYRIANS destroyed the pipeline. Now today with ‘arab spring’ and the MOSSAD/CIA giving guns to everybody willing to kill his neighbor, … everybody is going to die, and ISRAEL can become an OIL POWER.



Much of the current conflict is always about OIL, or protecting the PETRO-DOLLAR.  Afganistan was about an oil pipeline, syria is about an oil pipeline, Iran, Iraq, Libya were outright theft of OIL from country’s that demanded GOLD for their oil. Probably the thing the US-MAFIA fears most is that they can’t BUY oil with the US-DOLLAR, because then the US-MAFIA-MILITARY would grind to a halt in days. So any country that suggests that they sell their OIL for anything other than TOILET-PAPER, see their country destroyed.


Looking 100+ years into the future the USA has the worlds largest known COAL reserves it should be interesting in the future if the USA sell’s their COAL for paper money? To whom? Most likely some Asian country. Today the only good money on earth is the Singapore Dollar, or the Swiss Franc, so most likely that’s an indicator who will lead in the future.


The USA was always a 3rd world prison-plantation colony from day-one. The Cop’s watched over the field niggers, the cops were the house niggers and the plantation owners were rarely seen. The only thing the field nigger’s saw were cop’s, … the owner were like God’s.


The God’s of course created the government, and they wrote the Constitution, a document which protects the OWNER’s, but ONLY the owners.


Today the OWNERS are terrified, the niggers are all armed to the teeth, and must be dis-armed. Trouble is the niggers ( general population of USA with less than $30k usa/year income ), are also the imperial army of the owners.


The SYRIA model is very important because as you see the USA already controls the world by getting folks to kill each other, years ago  the USA armed IRAN and IRAQ and the civil war killed millions. Back then HUSSEIN was OUR boy. Today the CIA has engineered a CIVIL war in Syria that will kill millions.


Obama has created the DHS/TSA and fusion centers and armed them to the teeth, and returning soldiers from foreign wars are mad as hell. The DHS will go door to door to collect the guns. But many soldiers will fight back,  the normal people of course will be watching TV and told that the homes being robbed for guns&gold contain drugs, or porn, or bomb-making material ( bleach, plumbing tools ).


Power and greed that made the US MAFIA the most powerful imperial force in world history, will do the same in the USA as they have done elsewhere, for there is NOTHING to stop them.


We do live in interesting times, but I think they should be lived in Singapore or in Switzerland far from the USA where the show can be safely watched.



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