Snowden Escapes HongKong … Bound for Russia … Then ?

Snowden departed Hong Kong for a ‘third country,’ government says


“The HKSAR Government will continue to follow up on the matter so as to protect the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong,” continued the statement.

Snowden would not need a Russian visa if he remained at Sheremetyevo Airport and departed for another country from there. He could stay within passport control and wait for another flight.

However if he had to transfer to another Russian airport for a flight out, he would need a transit visa, which usually is not difficult to obtain. He would also need a transit visa to spend the night in an airport hotel.

If he were headed to Iceland, the easiest flight would be from St. Petersburg on IcelandAir. The next flight is Tuesday. Flying to Ecuador would be more complicated because most routes require a change of planes in Western Europe, which he would want to avoid. Aeroflot does not fly directly to Ecuador but has a direct flight to Havana on Monday.



Me thinks that NONE of this may be true, … or perhaps its all a montage,… me thinks for now the safe place would be Russia or China,… and get some real protection, Iceland, or Ecuador would never be safe until there is a change of Government in the USA.


Russia & China can play this to the max, and embarrass the hell out of the hypocritical USA.


Leaving HONG-KONG? Probably a lot about money, and let’s remember SNOWDEN is a fair weather bunny having lived in Hawaii, me thinks he’ll head somewhere WARM, … so CUBA could be very well, but a little TOO CLOSE to GUANTANAMO, …. Who knows?

What we do know is that the TRUTH is what we DON’T KNOW.

As giving out the truth would PIN-POINT a CIA drone-to-kill up his ass.



One thought on “Snowden Escapes HongKong … Bound for Russia … Then ?

  1. Well watching the show day to day is good. First the media in HK carefully told the world Snowden went to Moscow, which is good for China.

    Then a bunch of lies were told, which probably sent DRONES to kill all over the Atlantic looking for something to kill, that must have warn out all the pilots and used a lot of fuel.

    Now Snowden will sit in Moscow for a long time and be ‘debriefed’, … and then he’ll disappear into a quiet place, doubt that he will be sold for any price to the USA, he can be debriefed for a long time, by many party’s.


    Yep, rooting for the little guy, why not. It’s not often the little guy win’s in this rigged game called life.

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