The US Supreme Court Goes Queer

In a bankrupt nation the only way to BUY hearts & minds is to horse trade genital rights,

This game gone a long time, … a long time ago you had to PAY for votes if you were a poitician, now you just threaten one group over another with their right for what to do with their genitals.

As if it was ever the governments say in dicks and pussy?

But cut to the chase, this is all about fudge-packers and their ‘right’ to collect social security, … with all the blue-hairs in the USA, think james, … its little wonder, if the fudge packers claim social-security, then the bankruptcy is that much sooner,

genitialia debates are boring, for the supreme court to become obsessed with what people do with their dick and/or cunt, … its fucking sad times,

I always say a judge is just a lawyer that got lucky, and a lawyer is just a parasite that had brains, … America is a nation of lawyers, .. enough said about WHY we are fucked.



Long ago, there was the SHERIFF, and there is a JUDGE, the SHERIFF was accountable to the people, and the judge was a PEER, with NO law degree, over the YEARS the US BAR ( attorney mafia ), changed judges and sheriff to BAR-MAFIA puppets that make big money on US dole. Enough said the entire American Dream has been fucked in the ASS by the US Attorney Mafia ( aka BAR ).



One thought on “The US Supreme Court Goes Queer

  1. Well Obummer has to give the LEFT something other than 24/7 spying up their rectums,

    Besides does anybody think that any fudge packer will actually collects his BF’s SS benefits? My guess is NOT in our lifetime, …

    Once the public knows that all these AID’s survivors are collecting spousal benefits for having sucked cock, and/or packed a prior lovers fudge, there will be a real call to dismantle SS,

    So just maybe this is all pretext as the powers that be, want to KILL SS and bad, … and I can see that granny&grandpa might just say fuck it when they know that AID’s survivors are collect more than they are …

    Welcome to AmeriKKKa the strangest fucking place on earth.

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