Ever Wonder Why BATF is under US-TREASURY? Do you Understand that the US-MILITARY’s SOLE Purpose is to BACK the US TREASURY

I remember well back in the 1980’s I used to go to SOF every year in VEGAS, I think the year was 1988,

Secord and North were giving a talk in one of the rooms, anybody could go in and listen, but they check everybody for cameras and recorders,

In the room Secord was asked “how much money did you make”,… he laughed and Said “MILLIONS”,

He made millions of US dollars selling stinger missiles to Afghan using Nicaragua cocaine dollars from Mena, Arkansas.

Everybody in the room smiled.

SOF is soldier-of-fortune, I used to go every year to teach knife fighting as at that time I was a escrima(flipino knife fighting expert), so I could teach or at least show advanced technique to folks who had never seen a what a real knife fighter can do. You know the term ‘leather neck’ came from the fact that in the early 1900’s in the Philippines that a single MORO warrior with a machete could kill a dozen marines by cutting their heads off before they could zip up their trousers. So the MARINES were issued COLT-45’s and Leather around their necks and that brought parity. My point is that a trained Filipino knife fighting man is one of the most advanced killing methodology’s ever developed, a very worthwhile past-time, should dis-arming ameriKKKa come about.

There was no doubt to anyone that the entire USA mission is to monopolize DRUG money, OIL money, prostitution, gambling, and its all to maintain the US dollar reserve status. SO LONG as the entire world black-market uses the US dollar then everything is fine.

The US MIL has been operating 100% with the US treasury since 1932, ever wonder why BATF is under treasury? It’s because the US-DOLLAR is kept in power by the GUN.


One thought on “Ever Wonder Why BATF is under US-TREASURY? Do you Understand that the US-MILITARY’s SOLE Purpose is to BACK the US TREASURY

  1. Well I always go back to Herman Hesse(think Nietzsche) in his find book DEMIAN on the subject of the devil.

    The devil has always largely been an abstraction provided by government or church to mis-label those having fun.

    CAIN & ABEL, CAIN was handsome and intelligent, ABEL was dumb and ugly ( average USA person ), CAIN slew ABEL, ugly stupid people despise smart handsome, old as fucking hell.

    The DEVIL (CAIN) always has and always will get the pussy.

    Read DEMIAN, hell read all of HESSE

    Forever governments have tried to control dicks, but look to past kings like SOLOMON, and you learn he sired 1,000′s of spawn with his sperm, what is good for the goose is never good for the gander. So over-sexed folks (think CAIN), have forever been hated by the ABEL’s of the world.

    Now jump to the modern USA, where US politicians, soldiers, cops get TON’s of PUSSY, and the average guy gets taxed and spied on,… Look at OHIO Ariel Castro that was CIA safe-house gone bad, for long the CIA has maintained safe-houses so cop’s (CIA/FBI/SS) can get pussy and relax by using imprisoned women.

    666 999 but the funny thing is that the average USA citizen doesn’t have clue what the CAIN’s (obama, ..bernanke, geithner, … US-MIL ) is doing, while the US publik watches TV and eats SHIT.

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