Want to Understand the USA Government? Me thinks you cannot handle the truth

Look at EGYPT today a CIVIL-WAR, and SYRIA… WHY? Because of the CIA ( FACEBOOK,GOOGLE), but why were people pissed? They have no food, … why? Because the US-dollar has forced food prices up, in poor regions folks were already spending 90% on food, so when food price went up 100% ( twice ) in a few months ( courtesy of Bernanke QE ), then now folks have LESS TO EAT. So they’re mad, … then give all the kids access to FACEBOOK & GOOGLE and you have a mess.

Why not here in USA? Well 1/2 of the USA is now on FOOD-STAMPS, … that’s why. Take away the free food for 1/2 the USA public and things would go south in a few days.

On morsi ( last weeks fairly elected president of Egypt ) let’s just say one thing, he was supported by the muslims, and Assad ( egypts last president, USA sock-puppet ) was supported by the USA,

Last time the free elections elected a muslim in that part of the world was Algeria what 10 or 20 years ago, and their was a CIA coup very quick to re-install a non-muslim government.

Enough said,

The only MUSLIM government that I know of in the middle-east is Iran,

Did the CIA ( google, facebook ) engineer ‘arab spring’ hell yes, but occupy-wall-street also came out of a vancouver-bc group with DEEP cia connections.

With regards to SYRIA there is only one issue and its called the PIPELINE, back in the 1950′s the USA paid for a pipeline from KIRKUK(IRAQ) to Israel, to move oil, but the muslims always destroyed that pipeline, now that the USA owns IRAQ, they need to own SYRIA in order to safely move their OIL to the EURO market, all of this is ONLY to force the world to stay on the dollar.

He who controls, OIL, GOLD, DRUGS and PUSSY, decides who controls the reserve-currency, he who controls the reserve currency, gets to print money (power) from nothing.

ALL anti-muslim rhetoric is about the US-DOLLAR, and its hegemony on the world,

ONLY one thing brought down IRAQ,LIBYA, .. IRAN, SYRIA, … is because they threatened to GO OFF THE DOLLAR. They ALL demanded GOLD for their OIL, and if you do that you will bring the WRATH god ( obama ) down upon your children. ( DRONES )

Bin-Laden ( CIA USA trained engineer ) was smart, he knew that if the DOLLAR can be destroyed, then the USA is toast. So muslims are doing all they can to take the dollar down and USA supremacy as well.

USA brought bin-laden to power, and then bin-laden turned on his USA mafia don’s ( the USA is a MAFIA FASCIST government ), for 20 years bin-laden went free-lance, and finally the mob tracked him down and killed him, but it doesn’t matter, he educated 1,000’s of young men world-wide to carry on his dream,.. the De-stabilization of USA hegemony.

It’s coming to USA sooner than you may think, most in the USA don’t have a fucking clue, or care, but the world’s POOR do care if their daughter’s have to sell their pussy to stranger’s to get money for food.

So long as their is injustice anywhere there is injustice everywhere. The USA (MAFIA) has had a license-to-kill, and rape&rob worldwide for 50+ years, and the world is slowly uniting to oppose the USA MAFIA.

Sadly for those remaining the USA, you daughters will have to sell their pussy to cops, soldiers ( those with money ), in order to feed the family’s of those who don’t work for government in the USA ( DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA ), … basically the future of the USA is you either work government your your a sex worker.

In time the parasites of the USA will tire of the new paradigm and they too will shake their shackles, … but by then nobody will care or pity the USA and entire world will say “THEY ALL HAD IT COMING”.


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