Keeping yourself out of the EYE of the NSA – Like the Retired NSA People do abroad – Here we will explain exactly what the NSA looks for in Targets

Somene asked me about why I don’t watch video on the internet … ok

Nope sorry I don’t view VIDEO on the internet,

I’m a wild&crazy guy, but I have strict limits on what I do on the internet, my limits include plain vanilly HTML, and text, and few jpgs,

I NEVER do youtube, … my opinion is that if I wanted to watch the tilly (tv), then I should go kill myself,… talking heads, … not a thanks,

So much bullshit, I use this avast virus detection cuz I think its best, and notice that its ‘sandbox’ that I don’t use, uses ‘chrome’(google) I mean what the fuck, what’s the point of a sandbox if its wrapped by the worst spy-wear on the planet?? Nope I only use a version of firefox where I have the source code, its stripped down for only static read html,

Not that I’m paranoid and I have nothing to hide, … its just that I don’t want some fucking asshole sending my hard-disk to heaven.
Same as the fuck spyware like google or adobe(flash) youtube,… not so much that want to spy on me but more that they want to steal my bandwidth to send my hard-disk to there server farms.

None of these company’s can get enough data, that why google will give the new GLASSES away for free, which turns everyone into a data collection device, … ditto for the new GOOGLE-CHROME-CAST if you use it you turn your TV into a data collection device, because you give it your password to your WIFI, and IP security enable, the new stuff about reconfiguring the WIFI-ROUTER to be used as an inhouse X-RAY scanner to keep track of location of all warm-bodys in those also can be enabled.

I mean there will come a time that it will smart to have a sign on your house that says “PLEASE REMOVE ALL GOOGLE DEVICE BEFORE ENTERING MY HOUSE”

Given that I live in a place that most people could never spend their money on such hardware, … all this is really bad for some like myself because it makes me stick out like a sore thumb being the only using such service on or near my island.

It’s easy to get 3G hell I can get 3G anywhere in ASIA for $5/month anonymous,… that’s the easy part, but if your doing some strange in a place where nobody else does anything such then you bring up and NSA gaydar, one of my ex-nsa buddy’s make me take the battery out of my phone miles from his house, … just because he doesn’t want them to know that ‘white guy’ goes to this house, his filipino wife has a phone and its her name, … fine, … but if he had a phone, then the nsa would know that a white-guy goes to that address and then the HOUSE automatically put in a list in a 3rd world country.

Ok, now this all goes back to youtube, its owned by google, and everytime you go to youtube and watch a movie all your locale goes to the nsa,

Like ALL my NSA friends say ‘We’re NOT watching YOU, we’re watching PATTERNS of MOVEMENT”

You all really need to understand NSA think, … nobody is watching an individual, they’re watching who goes to and from location, …

This all goes back to cold war with russians, the NSA guys learned early on that if you plotted the migration geese you would know there was an alert, a call, where they were forming and everything it gave you heads up on all MIL activity.

Now same-same if a group ‘gun nuts’ gets together at a house, .. then all their cell phones become microphones, … this is the algorithm of activation.


If you have no cell phone or computer use at your home, and you prevent other, then your home becomes invisible to the system.

That’s how all my spooks live.


I think that’s why the cops are now photo-graphing car plates all the time, just another way to track movement. I ride a bike and live in a place with no cameras.


The system is loaded against the people, if you play on the net and carry a cell phone, and go to the wrong house,then you go on the list of ‘interest’ forever, and once they know you have something worth stealing then you’ll get a visit, and your good shit will be gone forever.

You have been fore-warned.


For law enforcement, I’m not writing this as law breaker, I’m not writing this to advocate breaking the law. I’m simply writing this how to explain to people how to avoid a ‘knock and talk’ where a bunch of assholes kick your door in a 5am in black armed to the teeth and rob your house and molest your wife and family and hog-tie them for hours, and then apologize, …

No thanks … That’s why I thinks its good to stay OFF the SPY GAY DAR


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