Obama Call’s for “Pearl Harbor 2″ – US Naval Ship’s Off Syria Setup for Suicide Mission – Syria will Unleash Sunburn Missiles and Wipeout US Mediterrean Fleet Igniting WWIII Obama’s Only Hope to Save the USA


Russian Super Sunburn SS-N-26 ONYX Missiles make the US Navy Obsolete & a US Attack on Syria Suicidal, Therefore Our USA Ships sitting offshore Syria are Pawn’s, and the servicemen will all die in a cruel attempt to ignite WWIII and get Europe into AmeriKKKa’s “LAST WAR”.

Ever wonder why the US and Israel go on and on threatening to bomb Iran, Syria, or Russia?? but never do? I have. The answer is simple enough. In accordance with a directive from Super Secret Russian Technology “Star Fleet” now defuses all nuclear weapons which makes the threat of a joint US Israeli nuclear annihilation of Syria and Iran just so much hot air.

The second reason is even more embarrassing for the US because it evidences that the huge US Navy is now as militarily obsolete as Hannibal’s elephants, and much more dangerous to man.

The entire US Naval fleet are just sitting ducks waiting to die. Flying at Mach-7 these Russian Sunburn missiles can vaporize any ship at sea by kinetic energy alone.

Thus given the fire-power of Syria, then it can only be assumed that Obama has placed the US Navy and Marines in a suicide situation, a pretext for WWIII. As the ONLY way the USA can survive the coming collapse of the US Petro-Dollar is to kick the can down the road by starting a New World War. We know that the USA knew the Japanese were going to bomb pearl harbor, but we left the ships in place to justify interning Japanese american’s and stealing their wealth. Sound familiar? US Military Intelligence knows that they’re ship’s can be annihilated, so why are servicemen being placed in harms way? There can be no other reason that to justify a huge naval loss, same that the USA played last time their economy collapsed Post Depression 1942.

Had there not been WWII and justification to attack and rob Japan, then the USA would have reverted to a Plantation Colony. Today the US government is bankrupt, and thus it is imperative to create WWIII and NULL&VOID all the debt incurred during 60 years of insane spending.

Worked in 1942 and it may work again, then it may not, but the USA has nothing to lose in this poker hand where all players die.


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