Comparing China & USA

I have lived in both, china and the USA. I have lived on and off in mainland china since 1985. Now I live in HongKong, I’m a US citizen.


In the USA they let you do as you wish, but spy and log what you do, thus they let you hang yourself and can imprison you anytime they wish, as they know everything you have ever done. In CHINA, they don’t let you have access to anything they don’t want you to have, and they only watch you, if they have a reason. They certainly can’t be bothered with what your not supposed to be doing. Of course there are work-arounds to use FACEBOOK which is banned in china, but WHY NOT given that the CIA created and designed facebook, why would the chinese government want the NSA/CIA to know more about its people than they know?

So in summary the USA watches everybody and lies about it, and if they ever want to ‘black-bag’ you ( think v for vendetta ), then they have the INTEL. On other hand china is quite busy just trying to censor what they feel is bad, and most often there is a reason. Lastly, in the USA if you kill someone and your rich, you can get away with murder, in CHINA if you kill somebody, your going to die.

In China if a COP rapes a woman, he will die and quick. I saw it happen. In the USA if a cop rapes or steals nothing happens, the cops and lawyers and judges all support the cop. Welcome to the USA, this is why I don’t live there.

The USA has more people prison than anywhere on earth. The USA has invaded almost every country on earth and has killed more people than all despots in HUMAN HISTORY. China has no record in history of invading another country, in fact long ago they built a ‘great wall’ to keep invaders out.



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