Finding ‘Inner Peace’

TAI-CHI ( hong kong ) taji-ji ( mandarin ) means ‘extremely extreme’

fighting is ‘chuan’ boxing

tai-ji-chuan is about yielding, Taoism essentially

Yielding in the USA will get you fucked in the arse and quick.

No Taoism can protect you from the Devil ( bush/obama/clinton ), … nada impossible,

No where to hide, no civil disobedience, … probably suicide is the only safe way out of plantation-usa. Which is why so many today choose that evac route.

Here in CHINA its well known that bullshit walks and money(gold) talks, long ago real GONG-FU ( hard work ) master’s tai-ji or whatever, hsing-yi, bagwa, were all paid in gold to teach the riches bastard children.

Today all ‘masters’ are lazy hard-drinking, smoking fucks’, and certainly today NOBODY in Asia gives their gold to any fucking master, …

Now in the USA of course its completely different PT-BARNUM is alive and well in the USA collecting money for training BS to morons.

So if the birthplace of tai-ji is DEAD, then what say that about the ‘fake’?

Certainly any form of meditation ( yoga (static) or tai-ji ( moving) ) is better than watching TV, so one can in theory ‘hide’ from the modern western world …. but eventually you must eat.

Well go to myanmar or laos and live in a temple for free forever, … its possible, and most likely because there is no electronics you never have to fear being ‘watched’.

But finding inner peace in the USA, ain’t going to fucking happen, cuz its all about WHORES collecting money, … the real thing is always FREE.


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