Freedom on Planet Earth

Google ‘freedom’ and you can see in hong-kong freedom is top in the world for press and economics.

Google for ‘freedom’ in USA and you’ll find similarity’s to Zimbabwe.

Yes, I’m a USA citizen, but I bailed, like Jim Rogers, and Marc Faber a long time ago, because I saw it coming.

Like Marc Faber I hold the following premise to be true. “NOBODY has ever survived a civil war, by staying, the survivors are always those that left with their lives before the shooting started”.

I liken today in USA to NAZI germany 1938, after 38′ it was TOO LATE to leave.

Today the “JEW” is anybody that doesn’t support the KLEPTOCRACY. Trouble is post 1938 nobody would take the Jews, not that HITLER wanted them, … its coming to that now,… nobody wants USA refugee’s, and thus if you didn’t leave early, ..  and your still living in the USA, … then your in a world of shit.


One thought on “Freedom on Planet Earth

  1. So where is freedom?

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