USA Spy Data USED to ROB World Citizens

I think you don’t get it, … so I’ll try to explain. This is NOT about NSA, this is about USA Corporation SPYING on everybody in the world so they know who to ROB.

Carlyle owns booz-allen, the largest state department consultant in the world, everybody that works for hillary-clinton ( state dept ) is on the BOOZ payroll.

Now PRISM the new software spying package that the NSA is using, that comes from ISRAEL by a company called “PALANTIR”.

Carlyle is just a HEADHUNTER like booz-allen, they fill the NSA with TEMP’s, just like all the corp’s do.

I do concur with you that OUR DATA on US citizens is NOT held by GVOERNMENT that the data on all of us is available world wide to any corporation that wants the data, … they call it ‘metadata’, but truth be told, 99% of the time you only need 4-5 pieces of metadata correlated to LOCATE anybody anytime 24/7 on the planet. Not only that, but they’re dossier included for life.

Why? I think personally a cop can do a facebook/twitter search live for “GOLD”, and get a conversation about a guy who just bought some physical gold, then that guy gets pulled over by that cop, or a visit to the house, … and that gold is gone, and there is NOTHING the victim can do as its his word against cop.

[ ALL twitter/facebook conversations are monitored by virtually all law enforcement in the USA in live time, they search for keywords like drugs, bombs, and cash and gold. How local law enforcement ‘act’ on this data is up to them. Facebook/Twitter make a fortune selling this data to law enforcement. ]

See the problem here is this DATA allows anybody with access to know exactly who to ROB and WHEN.


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