History of the US Government

Well Drudge, isn’t really any different than LIMBAUGH, or Jones, or anybody on TV.

Remember you don’t even GET TO BE ON TV, unless the system chooses you, like CHOMSKY said years ago “Manufacturing Consent”, a siamese twin sharing a common asshole is created, and the only narrative shown on TV is that narrative, left vs right, top vs bottom, man vs woman,… Long ago, I would say 40 years ago i used to say “Its not left vs right”, “Its not top vs bottom”, …”Its CORRUPTION”. The problem is that CORRUPT people run our government, but then I would be the first to admit that HAMILTON & JEFFERSON themselves were part of the CORRUPTION. That they themselves created the ILLUSION of good-left, versus monied-right, … It’s ALWAYS been about OWNERSHIP. The HAMILTON DEBATE was settled when Jefferson conceded to HAMILTON that at the end of the day rhetoric about ‘democracy’ meant little, when in fact OWNERSHIP was what mattered.

Hamilton called the USA a ‘Federalist Nation’, Constitutional-Federalism, there was NEVER any intention of having a ‘DEMOCRACY’, Jefferson lost the debate when he concluded that the USA was to be an “OWNERSHIP NATION”, a nation where only the OWNERS would control the destiny of the nation.

Today a few family’s OWN the media, and OWN the military, and OWN the food supply. All we can really do as interested citizens is watch. I remember as a child we learn there are 3 kinds of people. Those that make shit happen, those that know what happens, and those who don’t have a clue. Today we have 0.0001% that make shit happens, maybe 3% know, and 97% don’t have a fucking clue. Welcome to the new world order, .. but is this new? Hell no, but here’s the important thing is that US 3% and by us I mean me & you, and not the US GUBMINT, … is that we the people can vote with our feet, and all I can say is if your still living in the USA, then your part of the 97%.


*** If you still live in the United Stasi of ameriKKKa then you need to know how to protect yourself.


BIG BROTHER really is watching you. A series of revelations over the past week has revealed the extent of the US government’s snooping. But there are ways that the average citizen can avoid the prying eyes of the state.

Last week, whistleblower Edward Snowden – a former contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA) – told UK newspaper The Guardian that the NSA not only has details of phone calls made by millions of Verizon customers, it also has some form of access to its citizens’ internet activity as part of a programme named Prism.

The details of exactly how the NSA accesses personal data held by US internet companies are still unclear (see “Split the difference“). Access to Verizon’s call metadata was obtained using a secret court order forcing the firm to hand over information including call duration, number and cellphone tower details.

But the main cause for concern is that network science today means governments can glean remarkable insights from the vast amount of data they compile about their citizens’ every move. So what exactly can they find out about us – and how can we opt out?

Tanya Berger-Wolf at the University of Illinois in Chicago, who studies methods of extracting information from large data sets, says combining data from sources such as Google, Facebook and Verizon can tell you a lot. “You can put together a very good, composite dossier of a person,” she says.

Phone calls alone can provide plentiful information. Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and colleagues analysed 1.5 million anonymised call records from a Western cell carrier. They showed that it takes just four calls or text messages, each made at a different time and place, to distinguish one person’s movements from everyone else’s (Nature Scientific Reports, doi.org/msd).

An experiment by German politician Malte Spitz shows what happens when you fuse such data with online activity. Spitz sued German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom to get it to hand over six months of his own phone data. Then, working with German newspaper Die Zeit, Spitz melded that data with social network and other web information about him to create a map that tracked his movements and activities. It showed where Spitz was at any given time, what he was doing, how many calls he made and how long he was connected to the internet. The NSA’s supercomputers would make light work of creating an even more detailed portrait of anyone it was interested in.

Chris Clifton, who works on data privacy at Purdue University in Indiana, says the NSA will be using software to sort the records into groups by similarity – people who make lots of calls, for example, or people who never call abroad. Patterns in time could be useful, too. If one call appears to spark a flurry of others, that might mean the first phone number belongs to an authority figure in a criminal organisation, for instance.

But for citizens who want to guard their privacy, there are a number of options. Apps like Silent Circle and RedPhone can already encrypt your calls and send them over a data connection or Wi-Fi instead of through your carrier’s voice network. They also stop carriers from logging end phone numbers. Downloads have exploded since The Guardian‘s revelations – but such apps do not give you full anonymity because they cannot prevent your movements between phone masts being tracked.

A new standard for communication known as WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) could enable users to make calls over the internet without leaving any traces at all. That’s because it doesn’t rely on centralised servers but rather sends traffic directly between individual computers.

Combined with an encrypted connection using the anonymising Tor network, which sends data via volunteer networks of computers, WebRTC could keep your internet communications invisible to prying eyes.

An organisation called Tor Servers is aiming to bolster traffic speeds across Tor exit nodes – the points at which traffic from Tor enters the real internet. Its mission statement is to “make the Tor network more stable, faster and more anonymous for everyone”.

There are even efforts afoot to build an entirely new internet, one free from control by large corporations and, by extension, governments. Project Meshnet aims to have its own router hardware, and for this to communicate without using the infrastructure of large telecoms companies. That is still some way off, but for now you can use the software version, called cjdns, which runs on existing infrastructure. Physical Meshnets are already up and running in Maryland, Seattle and New York.

And there are ways to protect people’s privacy while still obtaining information. An MIT project called openPDS works by only allowing third parties to ask questions of a data set, without allowing them to get their hands on the raw data. This, combined with legal systems that notify individuals when their data has been searched, could change the privacy debate. “Such a ‘mixed approach’ to privacy is the way forward,” de Montjoye says.


3 thoughts on “History of the US Government

  1. Afghanistan … is ALL about LITHIUM for all the cell phones in the USA and the future electric cars,…


    Everyone in Afghanistan MUST die so the USA can steal the Lithium.


    Lithium deposits worldwide may be sufficient to eventually sustain the demands of an electric-vehicle driven world and modern electronics, but in the near-term, demand-driven shortages loom. Fortunately, the U.S. has made a pivotal discovery that may help to keep costs in the U.S. down.

    According to a report in The New York Times, senior American government officials are quoted as saying that a massive mineral deposit has been discovered in Afghanistan which holds $1T USD in lithium, iron, copper, cobalt, and gold deposits.

  2. So, you did a history of the US government and left out Cheney’s input into the 9/11 conspiracy? Why?

    • Whoops left out Jesus and Mohammed also, and your point is?

      Cheney was VP, and as such hardly a significant character other than the left liked to make him a poster-boy. Halliburton or Carlyle it really doesn’t matter and democrat or republican, … they are all lawyers, and thus all will go to hell sooner or later.

      May both party’s DEM & PUG rot in hell. Hell shit they have already made hell on earth, its called the USA.

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