USA COUP 2013?

Silicon Valley Doesn’t Just Help the Surveillance State—It Built It

The Atlantic-15 hours ago
That doesn’t quite square with the popular image of the NSA as a companies reportedly is Palantir Technologies, the Palo Alto, Calif., 
***Well the NARRATIVE has changed. Now the MSM has caught on that OBAMA’s RE-Election was funded by the very billionaires that got rich spying on US citizens.Today the GOOGLE’s say “We didn’t know”, but as the atlantic points out, … GOOGLE built it !That’s what’s different now, … largely as SALON has eloquenlty pointed out as you and me know, that 50 years ago there were dark-tunnels under ft-meade, but under RONNY RAYGUN it all got privatized, and GREED through OBAMA allowed them to become the BIGGEST RICHEST GUYS ON EARTH. …Palantir is the one to watch, straight to AIPAC,… a COUP is coming Boyz.***When I wrote this I was thinking COUP, but I didn’t say it would be a GOOD COUP. I’m just saying there is a COUP.

There are TWO PRISM programs here one NSA, and one DHS, and they’re both fighting each other about WHO gets to SPY on US citizens, and of course STEAL the spoils of WAR.

He who controls this data knows who has the money/gold, and with that knowledge you know which houses to rob. Poindexter didn’t call it TIA for nothing, with total information comes total power.


4 thoughts on “USA COUP 2013?

  1. Well something is going down. Most interesting is that Guardian (UK) and Washington Post(USA) dumped the SNOWDEN stuff, but they will not allow real comments on their site, so the entire debate is controlled by the Government. So much for freedom.

  2. The snowden debate has warn down, and now he’s doing interviews, it appears that most of the folks asking questions are on the US payroll.
    Destroy the messenger.
    The play on this NSA scandal will largely occur outside the USA, where most folks will quit using USA technology. Then google will truly become a machine for ONLY watching the US citizen.
    Need to write about the ‘dark person of interest’, now the number one enemy of the SYSTEM, as once you go dark, … all this SIGINT of little concern, … as if any TERRORIST every was STUPID enough to talk shit in the bowels of the beast.

    Probably the biggest thing coming out of the USA about this scandal is the new call to WATCH people who aren’t using facebook. So expect to see a new PUSH on those who don’t use facebook,


  3. Snowden leaving hong-kong, Russia loving every minute.

    Universal voice now in USA, … looks like the Rat’s are tightening the circle around the wagon, don’t see many ‘liberals’ coming out against the fascist state.

    Me thinks most people now are very afraid to speak out, of course everybody is listening and any anti-spy statement now puts you on the black-list forever.

  4. Snowden now released from the airport, living in a furnished apartment and waiting for his GF, and having a steady diet of potatoes and vodka.

    A good life.

    A COUP … Me thinks there will never be a COUP … USA has been operating by the SAME MAFIA family’s since plymouth rock. Nothing has changed, nothing will ever change.


    Keep your mouth shut and go with the program, or go off the reservation ( snowden ) and die.

    Choices are simple, but there will be COUP.

    COUP’s are something that the USA(CIA) brings to other country’s.

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