Why the USA/UK Hate China

Well snowden was stationed in HAWAII, and wanted to escape the USA, he lied and said he was going to see a doctor about epilepsy, … A lot of people go to asia for medical tourism.

I’m actually quite surprised he got out, .. must have many passports usually folks that have security clearances are watched at all exits, and usually you have to have permission, or at least file a report your leaving the USA if you hold a ‘top secret clearance’.

SNOWDEN don’t have much choice when the shit hits the fan, the only country with ball’s is china or russia, .. so HK is a great choice.

Japan and Taiwan are USA colony’s bad choice, New Zealand or Australia might have been a choice, but they’re both controlled by the CIA/NSA, by secret MOU’s.

HK is ideal because its still BRITISH in outward appearance but CHINA in control, … BRITISH in ownership, but CONTROLLED by china.

In the USA owner’s control,

I’m rather fond of the CHINESE model I might say,.. you folks can say what you wish, but the leadership cares for the PEOPLE, in the USA the leadership ONLY cares for the OWNERS(rich plantation owners). In China MONEY will NOT get you off murder.

Living in ASIA for a long time let me tell you, I have met many  old men that remember US occupation of shanghai during the 1930’s, and saw forced prostitution of chinese women by USA.  Mao largely came to power by promising to end that bullshit. It’s one thing for a woman to be a prostitute by choice another like japan or USA to force. So MAO came to power and rid CHINA of britain and USA, and to this day britain & USA hate china. But let’s remember the british & USA bastards brought the opium to shanghai and turned it into a whore house, and first thing MAO did in 1948 was KILL everybody associated with USA/BRIT parasitism.

CUBA was the same deal CASTRO came to power by promising to rid cuba of NSA/CIA which was forcing cuban girls to be whores.

In summary nobody likes have their daughters having to fuck for money, .. I predict the future USA&UK will be sex tourist destinations for folks of color, its called sow which you reap.


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